Goyal Piles And Laser Center
Laser Surgery by Diode Laser
Treatments of piles By Infra Red Rays

Most Advanced Painless laser Treatment for Piles, Fissure, Fistula & Pilonidal Sinus

Winner of Global Excellence Award 2019 as best laser centre in North India

Goyal Piles and Laser Centre is one of the most reputed piles Centres in Delhi providing excellent treatment for Piles,Fissure, Fistula and Pilonidal Sinus since 1989 (Over 30 Year of Experience). Dr. Sushil Goyal has set his foot in the medical industry as one of the most respected and trusted piles doctor in Delhi. We are here to provide world class treatment under the guidance of experienced doctors. Those painful days are gone forever. We at our piles and fissure Centre offer specialized treatment facilities with assured success. Goyal Piles and Laser Centre is one of the most renowned piles and fissure treatment centre in Delhi. The entire treatment procedure followed at our Centre is aimed at fast recovery without pain

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  • Experienced & Well Qualified Doctor.
  • Neat & Hygienic Atmosphere.
  • Patient Friendly Staff & Doctor.
  • High Sucess Rate
  • Over 30+ Year Experience
  • Female Attandant is always present With Female Patient
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Most Advanced Painless laser Treatment for Piles, Fissure, Fistula & Pilonidal Sinus

Piles Treatment We Provide

1. IRC(Infrared Coagulation) 2. Laser Treatement 3. Traditional Surgery

IRC (Without surgery) Laser Treatment (Laser Surgery)
Being a non surgical, painless and an OPD procedure it is most preferred treatment by the patients. This product has changed the way of hemorrhoids are treated through out the world. If a patient comes to us in very late stage of disease we will prefer laser treatment (laser surgery) rather than going for traditional surgery.
No pain, No bed rest 24 hours hospital admission
No anaesthesia Performed under spinal anaesthesia
Join duty immediately May join duty after 48 hours
By Lumatec World Class Technology (Made in Germany) By Diode Laser US FDA Approved 980 /1470 nm wavelength

Difference between IRC / Laser Treatment / Normal Surgery

Difference IRC Laser Surgery Normal Surgery
Pain ✓ No + ++
Bed rest ✓ No 1 day 2-3 days
Blood loss ✓ No + ++
Anaesthesia ✓ No Yes Yes
Hospital stay ✓ No 1 day 2-3 days

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Our Achievements

Goyal laser centre has been honoured as the "best laser centre in North India"( Global Excellence Awards 2019) by Madhuri Dixit. Goyal Piles And Laser Centre is one of the most reputed piles Centres in Delhi providing excellent treatment for piles and fissures since 1989

Medical Professionals

Highly Experienced Doctor Over 30 Year of Experience

US FDA Approved Laser

US. FDA Approved Diode laser 980 & 1470mm Wavelength

Thousand's of Happy Patient

At National & International Level

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Authentic Google Reviews

Very humble and nice experienced his diagnostic skill is super. I am treated with my piles fully satisfied and cured fully . Clinic is well equipped with various facility’s. staff is courteous in behaviour. Thanks doctor Goyal.

  • Avinav Jha
  • Avinav Jha


I was suffering with Piles (chronic) for last 8 years, visited Dr Clinic. Treated my piles with no bleeding, painless procedure, No cuts and excision of tissue in 3 sittings. I highly recommend, very experienced doctor, polite, explains everything, staff also very co-operative and nice. Best treatment, Thanks sir.

  • Ashok Mittal
  • Ashok Mittal


“I was suggested to have a surgery from a renowned surgeon but as one of my known suggested me of this centre and after I had my treatment , I am totally satisfied with the treatment which is totally painless without disturbing my daily routine”

  • Rajeev Sharma
  • Rajeev Sharma


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